Pods Pro 2 with ANC (super master copy)


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“Pods Pro: 🎧 2x ANC, Spatial Audio, touch control. 🌧️ Sweat-resistant, 6hrs playtime (30 with case). πŸ”„ Siri, easy setup

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  1. Active Noise Cancellation: 🀫 Immersive sound, no distractions!
  2. Adaptive Transparency: πŸ”„ Stay aware while blocking the noise.
  3. Spatial Audio: 🎧 3D sound with head tracking.
  4. Multiple Ear Tips: 🎢 Customizable fit for everyone!
  5. Touch Control: πŸ‘† Easy swipe and press for total control.
  6. Sweat/Water Resistant: πŸ’¦ Workout ready, rain or shine.
  7. MagSafe Charging Case: πŸ”‹ Quick and secure charging.
  8. Battery Life:
    • Up to 6 hours with ANC. ⏰
    • Up to 30 hours with the case. 🎡
  9. Quick Siri Access: πŸ—£οΈ Just say “Hey Siri” for help.
  10. Easy Setup, Auto Switch: πŸ”„ Seamless device switching.
  11. Audio Sharing: 🎢 Share beats with a friend.
  12. Find My: πŸ” Locate with precision.

The AirPods Pro – compact, powerful, and full of features! πŸš€




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Pods Pro 2 with ANC (super master copy)
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